Tuesday, 25 September

Syunik's New Governor: A Lexus, A Harley, and 5 Expensive Watches

Vahe Hakobyan, the newly appointed governor of Armenia’s southern Syunik Province, has declared 154 million AMD ($322,000) in annual revenue.

99 million was in the form of wages when Hakobyan served as the first deputy director of the Zangezur Copper Molybdenum Combine (ZCMC) prior to becoming provincial governor. (ZCMC is part of the CRONIMET group of companies)

Hakobyan had declared bank deposits of 35 million AMD, $195,000, and 120,000 Euros.

The new Syunik governor also declared five watches each costing over 8 million AMD, a Lexus ES 250, and a Harley-Davidson Night Rod Special.

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1. Varouj18:46 - 8 November, 2016
So are we to assume he didn't deserve his salary as the director of the copper mine? Are you going to shame anyone who make over a certain amount? What's the magic number for you, please let your readers know instead of keeping us in suspense.
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