Sunday, 23 September

Yerevan Parking: Some Protest and Get Their Fines Thrown Out

IT specialists who work along Mamikonyants Street in Yerevan have been effectively getting their parking tickets thrown out after lodging protests.

Like many Yerevan streets, Mamikonyants has parking spaces outlined in red paint, but the section causing havoc with the IT workers lacks any signs regarding local parking regulations and fees. Neither is there an overhead camera, proof that the street is being monitored.

31-year-old Sevak Tzaturyan, who has been ticketed, told Hetq that he and his colleagues haven’t paid a fine in two months.

“One of the guys, Arsen Manukyan, has received over thirty fines alone. Others have received around ten. All have been fought and eventually thrown out. The cancellation notice simply states that ‘we have reviewed the evidence and decided to drop the fine’. They are abusing the ignorance people have regarding the law, forcing them to pay the fines,” Tzaturyan said.

Drivers that have been fined argue that the area has no parking regulation signs or a kiosk to make payment. They say that, instead, a car circles the area, photographing the license plate of cars parked within the red lines.

There have even been cases where fines already paid have been returned. 

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