Saturday, 21 April

Los Angeles Armenian Gets Life for Gunning Down Four in Restaurant

A Los Angeles court has sentenced 33-year-old Nerses Galstyan to life imprisonment without without the possibility of parole gunning down four men on April 3, 2010 at a local restaurant.

The seven-year court case concluded that Galstyan shot and killed Hayk Yegnanyan (25), Sarkis Karadjian (26) and Harut Baburyan (28) and VardanTofalyan (31), in the Hot Spot restaurant on Riverside Drive.

Hayk Yegnanyan, Sarkis Karadjian, Harut Baburyan, Vardan Tofalyan

Prosecutors say that on the day, Galstyan attended a memorial service in the restaurant for a friend killed in a traffic accident and got into an argument with some acquaintances. Galstayan then went outside, retrieved a pistol from his car, and started shooting.

After the shooting, rumors circulated in the Armenian community and the press that Galstyan was involved in illegal arms sales.

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