Monday, 24 September

We know who the owners are - 3

In early 2002, then-mayor of Yerevan Robert Nazaryan granted Magnolia Ltd a 20-square-meter site. In November 2002 the Mayor gave Magnolia an additional 20-square-meter plot adjacent to the service entrance of the Opera and Ballet Theatre, to enlarge the box office and entrance hall. And in December 2002, as we learned from S. Kotolikyan, head of the city department of architecture, the territory of the Magnolia Café was 2,615 square meters, making it the largest café now occupying the public park surrounding the Opera House. And who owns Magnolia-who succeeded in persuading Mayor Nazaryan to so expand the site? None other than member of parliament and Orinats Yerkir Party representative, Grigor “Bellagio Grish” Margaryan.

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