Wednesday, 26 September

We know who the owners are - 8

Last August we asked the minister of ecology, Vardan Aivazyan, about the destruction of the green areas ofYerevan, and he said, “Unfortunately, those areas don’t lie within our jurisdiction.”

This part of the Oghakadzev (Circle) Park is where the Mermaid Caf? is located. The caf? is owned by Mariam Ginosyan, Vardan Aivazyan’s wife. It is here, as has been reported in the press, that the silver fir trees torn out of the Jrvezh forest reserve on Aivazyan’s orders were re-planted.

Thus, even the minister of ecology takes part in the destruction of green areas of the capital city (and protected forests). In civilized countries, when facts like these are brought to light, the minister offers his resignation, or the public demands it. But here, these stories arouse envy, whetting the appetites of ministers who don’t yet have their own cafes.

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