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Armenian Exports Up 20% in 2016; Trade Deficit Remains

Armenia exported US$1.783 billion worth of goods and services in 2016, up 20% over the previous year.

Armenia imported $3.292 billion worth of goods and services in 2016, up 1.6% over 2015.

If we look at Armenia’s trade volume starting in 2012, we see the following picture:

2012: Imports – $4.261b   Exports - $1.38b

2013: Imports - $4.386b    Exports - $1.479b

2014: Imports - $4.424b    Exports - $1.547b

2015: Imports - $3.329b    Exports - $1.485

2016: Imports -$3.292        Exports - $1.783b

23.1% of Armenia’s exports in 2016 went to CIS countries, mostly to Russia.

26.9% of Armenia’s exports went to EU nations.

The remaining 50.1% went to the rest of the world.

The top ten importers of Armenian goods and services are: Russia (20.8%), Bulgaria (8.5%), Georgia (8.2%), Germany (7.8%), Canada (7.8%), Iraq (7.7%), China (5.4%), Iran (4.2%), Switzerland (4.2%) and the UAE (3.6%).

The U.S.A. imported a mere 2.2% of goods and services exported from Armenia.  

Exports to Russia rose 51.5% and to Bulgaria by 93.1% in 2016. Exports to the UAE grew seven-fold. Exports to China decreased by 41.7% last year.

Exports from Armenia, as expected, aren’t that diversified. 80% of exports are restricted to just four sectors – mineral ores (26.4%), prepared foodstuffs (23.4%, precious and semi-precious stones/metals and items derived from them (18.9%), non-precious metals and items derived from them (12.4%).

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