Saturday, 22 September

Armenian Government Spends $6.1 Million in Two Years on Official Cars

Taxpayers in Armenia just might be miffed to know that in 2016 the government spent 1.6 billion AMD (US$3.3 million) to operate and maintain 1,071 automobiles used by various state agencies.

In 2017, the amount to be allocated on such automobiles (914) is estimated at 1.4 billion AMD ($2.8 million).

The above numbers do not cover cars used by Armenia’s enforcement agencies.

The state agencies with the most cars covered in 2017.

Prosecutor’s Office – 91 cars

National Assembly – 82

Investigative Committee – 79

Presidential Staff – 67

Prime Minister’s Office – 58

Minister of Nature Protection – 40

Judicial Departments – 32

Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs – 28

Ministry of Justice – 22

State Social Security Service - 21

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