Tuesday, 25 September

Hakob Hakobyan: A Candidate for Armenia's Parliament With $6 Million in the Bank

Hakop Hakopyan is running for reelection as a MP in Armenia’s National Assembly on April 2.

Hakobyan is a candidate on the ruling Republican Party of Armenia ticket to represent Tavoush Province. He’s been serving in the parliament since 2007.

He’s one of the richest candidates of the party with cash holdings of almost US$6 million – 2.3 billion AMD and $1.5 million.

Hakobyan has also declared 29 properties – 14 edifices (apartments, residential houses), 11 parcels of land, and three other immovable properties on those lands.

Last year, as income, he received 6.3 million in wages as a MP, 80 million AMD in property sales, 5 million AMD in rents, 170 million AMD in dividends and 140 million AMD in loans from the Yerevan Beer company, and 39 million AMD in interest from loans to the ArdshinBank.

Hakobyan owns shares in ten companies -  including a 50% stake in Yerevan Beer.

He also declared ownership of a 2015 Mercedes Benz S500. 

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