Enough is enough. We are all with you Nareg

Dear Editor-in-chief, Hartounian family and friends,

One would think a nation ravaged by invasions, assimilation, and genocide would learn to cling together in preserving their identity, and praising those who strive for it. What a foolish way to think! I never thought the day would come when Armenians from the Diaspora would start fearing for their own security while lending a hand to their country. 

Throughout my journeys to my Motherland, I met people with a great heart, bewildering talent, unmovable faith and men of honor, and I met people like Nareg who believe our Armenia has a tremendous potential that is yet to be explored and promoted.

In the same Armenia, I also witnessed the despicable reality of basic human rights being trampled, corruption at every single layer of institutions, and the rise of a generation with no morals or dignity. 

Nareg is a victim of a plot designed by thugs who run the country today… thugs who take the love he has for Armenia for granted and exploit it until the last penny and last tear of passion.

Nareg and his family invested their time and money for a better Armenia, only for their sacrifice to be met by the corrupt hierarchy of the country. This ruling system is not short of feudalism, and unless drastic measures are taken, Armenia will never be a land where man lives in dignity.

Words are not enough to express how distraught we are, and we join the Hartounian family and friends in resentment. We demand the immediate release of Nareg Hartounian, from a country claiming to work towards the implementation of Human Rights. 

Enough is enough. 

We are all with you Nareg.

Garo Garabedian 

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Comments (4)
1. Richard01:05 - 11 December, 2011
Where were you, diasporans when the same thugs were killing people in 2008 and throwing people in jails? Not a single diaspora community or organization voiced its protest and concern for thugisation of Armenia
2. Tigran12:59 - 11 December, 2011
Richard, you are speaking on behalf of thugs founders, and you know that. Just f*ck of and don't misuse the situation. It is you, ANC bustards, who created this regime and just trying to return and start sucking money again.
3. Maritsa22:31 - 11 December, 2011
Folks, instead of fighting, u better think of how to reveal the truth.. I heard Setrak Artsruni's hand is behind this story...
4. levik08:53 - 12 December, 2011
You know, in a way Richard is correct. The diaspora, and here I mean the traditional structure/parties/assemblies, did more regarding the Armenian-Turkish protocols than the March 1st massacre in Yerevan. I guess it shows where their priorities lie. While there are many in the diaspora truly concerned about the ills plaguing Armenia's governance today, what more can they do other than shouting "Free Nareg" or stop paying their $50 to the All-Armenian Fund?
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