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Canine Chronicle: Armavir Couple’s Love of Dogs

Levon Ghazaryan, 52, has been raising dogs for 25 years.

Seventeen dogs now run about at his home in Lernamerdz, a village in Armenia’s Armavir Province.

Levon also raised dogs when he and his wife lived in Yerevan. Today, they have space for more.

It’s the couple’s hobby, Levon says, adding that the dogs can read the character of any person entering the yard. They’ll bark if the person gives off ‘bad vibes’.

The sixteen German shepherds and one poodle all have their own distinctive characters, making the couple’s pastime all that more interesting and demanding.

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1. GB20:50 - 14 May, 2017
German Shepherds are the most smart dog. They are famous as military service dogs. Armenian and Artsakhi military should use them against Axeri coward, criminal snipers, after proper training!
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