Wednesday, 23 May

Good News! Hetq Article Gets Results for Injured Soldier’s Mother

A recent Hetq article regarding the plight of the Yezidi Tamoyan family of Houshakert has resulted in a very welcome development.

This reporter wrote about Gyozal Tamoyan and the hardships she’s facing with one son suffering from a head wound while serving in the army coupled with taking care of her husband who’s been diagnosed with a brain tumor.

The Tamoyans, in dire financial straits, have another son, Uso, currently serving in the army.

After the above article was published, I got a call from the General Headquarters of Armenia’s Armed Forces, saying that they were going to check all the information mentioned in the article and immediately send Uso Tamoyan, now serving in the army, home if it was verified.

I was circumspect in relating the news to the mother. I didn’t want to needlessly get the woman’s hopes up.

Gyozal called me back in an hour. She told me that they had had a visit from the military commission, checking the information and collecting documents.

Today, Armenia’s defense minister signed a decree discharging Uso from further military service. He can now go home and help his mother who had been quite disheartened with the runaround she had received from government officials.

It’s a great success for me, not because I’m the author of the article, but because it proves that   problems, once addressed, can be legally resolved.

Thanks for reacting to the article and taking such an encouraging decision.

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