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International Children’s Day – Stories from Armenia

I’ve selected a few stories of children that I shot over the past year while travelling throughout Armenia. Hope you enjoy them. These kids are strong, are survivors, despite their circumstances.

Each member of the Moujikyan family has their dream. The youngest is 6-year-old Arshak. He wants a new bike to replace the old, broken, one. His parents want to finish repairing the house.

The village school in Vardenis hasn’t been renovated in years. Classes were held in the old, dilapidated, building. Last year, the kids went on strike, demanding better conditions. The children now attend classes in the newly renovated building.

This boy is from the Yezidi village of Tlik. Residents haven’t had running water for years.

Narineh waits for her siblings to return from school, so that she can wear their shoes. There are eight kids in the Bozoyan family, residing in Geghhovit, a village in Gegharkounik Province.

The family of this boy, and 75 other families, live in a crumbling dormitory built in 1958. They’re awaiting resettlement or the building’s collapse.

Sousanna and her six brothers and sisters live in the Sourenavan village in Ararat Province.

The village school in Oujan has been repaired, piecemeal, between 2009-2015. Today, it needs a complete overhaul. Such is the case with all schools so repaired.

Alice and her family live in Karmiraghbyur, a village near the Azerbaijani border. Their house is on the verge of collapsing since they don’t have the money to fully complete its construction.

Eleanora, Milena, Vache and Vahan live with their mom in Vanadzor’s “hut” neighborhood.

Vachik is from the Gegharkounik village of Geghhovit. He suffered a brain injury and cannot be left alone.

Lia’s only wish is the restoration of her father’s eyesight. The Khachatryans live in the Armavir village of Qarakert.

Lia’s only wish is the restoration of her father’s eyesight. The Khachatryans live in the Armavir village of Qarakert.

This little rascal is a member of the large Avetyan family of Lori’s Shnogh village.

Marianna’s parents couldn’t afford to buy her school clothes and supplies. They’re were thinking of keeping her home this year.

Nshan, the father of this child with cerebral palsy, lives in Voskehat, a village in Armavir Province. He makes 7,000 AMD ($15) monthly cleaning the village bus station.

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