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Armenia's National Debt: $56.3 Million Increase in May

The national debt of Armenia stood at US$ 6.095 billion as of the end of May 2017.

It grew by $56.3 million (0.9%) in May.

Most of the country’s national debt is comprised of external debt (or foreign debt) - $4.924 billion. Foreign debt grew by $70.7 million (1.4%) in May.

Armenia’s government owes $4.373 million of the external debt and the Central Bank owes $551 million.

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1. Robert Davidian18:44 - 11 July, 2017
The criminal regime hijacking the Armenian government has an irresponsible criminal addiction to money and will "borrow" the country into financial ruin!!! And they don't care about anyone or anything else as long as they remain free to steal and free of jail, oh, and alive! And, they'll do anything and everything to continue doing that. Until Armenians worldwide stop them. Stand up. Share! Thank you.
2. Vahe20:09 - 26 July, 2017
OK, so what can we do about it ? Check out
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