Wednesday, 23 May

One Year On: Sasna Dzrer Calls for Creation of Sovereign and Democratic Republic

In a statement released on the 1st anniversary of the armed seizure of a Yerevan police station, the Sasna Dzrer group boasted that its action was the first of its kind against the “Turko-Bolshevik system” since 1921.

The statement, signed by members and supporters of the group, and others, says that the seizure  of the police station, which it held for two weeks before surrendering to law enforcement, was in the name of “national liberation and the creation of democracy” in Armenia.

Sasna Dzrer had demanded the release of opposition leader Jirair Sefilyan and the resignation of President Serzh Sargsyan. Two policemen died during the standoff.

The incident sparked large demonstrations in Yerevan calling for regime change.

The group says its action last year broke the veil of complacency of the people and awoke their consciousness.

There is one decision to be made by the people of Armenia, the group argues in its statement – wither to remain fodder for the regime, a commodity to be used, to facilitate it agenda and ultimately disappear, or else to adopt our own unique path, infused with patriotism and historical legacy to create a system, whose core must be all the territory of the Armenian highlands, in order to forge a pan-Armenian agenda that will require all our individual, group and public efforts.

The group says the first issue to be tackled by this pan-Armenian agenda is to establish a new sovereign and democratic republic on the territory of the Republic of Armenia and Artsakh.

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