Friday, 20 July

Builders' Day in Armenia; PM Thankful for Solid and Beautiful Edifices

Saying that construction is on the rise in the country, Armenian Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan, on the occasion of Builders' Day, bestowed medals to a number of presidents and directors of private companies in the construction sector.

At the event marking the Soviet-era holiday that has been brought back since Armenia became independent, Karapetyan said that the construction remains a vital economic sector and has a multiplier effect for other sectors.

“A country, in which construction grows, naturally progresses. Our forbearers left us a unique inheritance, of which we are proud, and we preserve and present it to the world and generations to come. It’s very encouraging to see Armenian builders of today advancing the professional traditions and experience of past Armenian masters, by building solid and beautiful edifices, using innovative, progressive and safe technologies,” Karapetyan said.

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