Sunday, 23 September

Yerevan Residents Complain About Uncollected Trash; Hauler Partly Blames Citizens

Sanitek, the company contracted by the Yerevan Municipality to collect garbage in the Armenian capital, says that several of its garbage trucks have been damaged because residents are throwing out construction waste along with their household trash, thus negatively impacting garbage collection.

The company says that the amount of trash it has collected has risen to 1,000-1,100 tons daily in the past few months, up from 900-1,000 tons last year.

Many Yerevan residents have complained that their garbage isn’t collected as frequently as before, creating a health hazard and unpleasant eyesore during the hot summer months.

Sanitek Executive Director Nikolas Tavil confesses that the company has encountered problems organizing garbage collection in Yerevan, a city with some 1.2 million residents, but adds that part of the problem is due to residents themselves.

Nevertheless, Tavil told Hetq that Sanitek has improved garbage collection within the past several days and that residents’ complaints have significantly decreased. 

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