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Zero Revenues: Is Ambassador Sarkissian Working for Free?

In September 2016, Hetq wrote that Armenia’s Ambassador to Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Armen Sarkissian had never filed a financial disclosure since assuming the diplomatic post on September 27, 2013.

He’s since filed a disclosure, albeit partially. The ambassador, according to the filed disclosure, owns three private houses, two apartments, and 8 million Euros in cash reserves.

Sarkissian has reported “0” in revenue. It’s as if he’s working as ambassador for free.

Armenia’s Commission on Ethics of High-Ranking Officials must have been on vacation for the three years the ambassador failed to file any disclosure at all.

Forget, for a moment, the property and cash Sarkissian owned for those three years. Why didn’t the Committee pick-up on the fact that Sarkissian wasn’t even declaring his salary as ambassador?

The law categorically states that all top government officials, including ambassadors, must file financial disclosures.

Was it just sloppy work, or maybe the Committee just doesn’t care.

Ambassador Sarkissian’s wife Nouneh has only declared cash reserves 780,000 Euros for 2016 – no property and no revenues.

Given the doubts raised by her husband’s partial disclosure, perhaps Nouneh Sarkissian has left out something as well.

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Comments (9)
1. Robert Davidian 02:45 - 28 August, 2017
Comment..."Why didn’t the Committee pick-up on the fact that Sarkissian wasn’t even declaring his salary as ambassador?" Because the "Ethics" Committee is under the corrupt rule of Armenia's brutal criminal regime. No punishment will come to any criminal in the criminal Republican/ARF corrupt regime until it is removed from power.
2. Ana16:54 - 28 August, 2017
Article is not clear, at least for me, what is disclosure in this case? If he disclose what he has does he suppose to pay taxes or what will change? And when and how did he get this huge amount of money? Working with no salary is not criminal ...even Trump is not getting his presidential salary
3. Vahe06:57 - 29 August, 2017
If it looks bad, sounds bad and smells bad, it is bad ! These bad eggs must be rooted out ! They are a cancer to the nation !
4. Aram08:11 - 29 August, 2017
I wish ambassador Sarkissian would respond to suspicions and allegations mentioned above.If he is the pro bono Ambassador and he has no income from Hayastan does he have to even reveal the amount and sources of his income and assets? We seem to have the inclination that any Armenian who is not poor is an oligarch or a cheater. Are w allowed to have entrepreneurs?
5. Emil Sanamyan18:05 - 29 August, 2017
Pretty sure Armenian ambassador to Switzerland in same situation. That ambassador for those who dont know is Charles Aznavour.
6. Mayrig21:19 - 29 August, 2017
It does not have to be like this, folks. Ever hear of political activism? Apparently not. The Armenian community of the UK should declare Sarkissian to be persona no grata. Don't meet with him, and encourage the UK to boot him out. Flyer outside the embassy and tell everyone that the ambassador is corrupt. That's a warning for the next time Armenia tries to send the UK a lazy, corrupt ambassador. Or maybe you UK Armenians prefer to sit around and do nothing? I think so.
7. Գրիգոր12:01 - 1 September, 2017
Արմեն Սարգսյանը այդ ակտիվները կարողեր վաստակել իր ինտելեկտի շնորհիվ դուք նրանից հետո եկածների զերոական ինտելեկտով ավազակների ակտիվները հաշվեք
8. Mike14:46 - 2 September, 2017
Diplomats are appointed from the ranks of the loyal-to-the corrupt government ranks. The Armenian proverb "a dog doesn't eat dog meat" applies: they will not be punished or even recalled. There have been many similar stories about corrupt Armenian diplomats. Their appointments are rewards and an avenue for making illegal income.
9. Carl Ulbricht00:44 - 4 September, 2017
I have known Armen Sarkissian for many years, and it appears that many commentators here are not aware of his business background. As far as I am aware his wealth comes from inventions (for example he was one if the authors of tetris) and from advising on investment projects in the former Soviet Union. I wouldn't be surprised if he has decided to serve as ambassador on an honorary basis, since the salary would hardly make a difference. I remember when he briefly served as Prime Minister, and the hope of many people at the time that he would push through much-needed reforms (sadly, ill-health forced him to resign). Armenia would in fact have much to gain from greater involvement of Armen Sarkissian in public life.
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