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Businesses and Property Owned by Yerevan First Deputy Mayor and His Family

Kamo Areyan has served as the first deputy mayor of Yerevan for 14 years, since 2003. He was also a deputy mayor in 1997-2001.

According to his financial disclosure filed with the Ethics Committee of High-Ranking Officials, his revenues seem to have stayed almost the same since 2011. There’s an increase by one million drams in his municipal wages, the only revenue declared by him.

Kamo Areyan, according to his disclosure, has modest cash assets and no personal car. He declared only one apartment.

Commercial Companies of Kamo Areyan's Family Members

Areyan’s wife, Armenouhi Harutyunyan, is a shareholder and director of several commercial organizations.

She owns Armane Yerkir LLC, a touristic company, which, according to the State Register, was founded in 2007. Armenouhi has also been the director of Modd Events LLC since its foundation in 2010.

Shoushanik Harutyunyan, Armenouhi’s sister, owns a 40% stake in the company. Though the company is registered as dealing with rifle activities, it organizes corporate events.

The company also rented out premises in reserve-museums to organize events - in Garni Temple in 2012, in Zvartnots Temple in 2013.

Modd Events, expanding its territories, also operates outside Armenia. It has another office in Los Angeles, USA.

Mod Art LLC belongs to Kamo Areyan's eldest son, Mher Areyan. The company is engaged in entertainment and leisure activities. Mher Areyan is the sole shareholder and director of the company. He has also worked at the Vallex Group.

Deputy mayor's youngest son, Vahagn Areyan, became a private entrepreneur in 2016.

Armenouhi Harutyunyan's Property

According to the financial disclosure of Kamo Areyan's wife, she is richer than her husband. She declared a salary received from both sources and dividends received from a commercial company.

As for the cash, it is mostly kept in dollars. Armenouhi Harutyunyan bought Hyundai Tucson IS 35 2.0 AT in 2011 for 12 million drams.

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1. armen22:45 - 11 November, 2017
Kamo Areyan thinks and acts like he is living during the Natzi or Communist regime where local gov't members wore the party symbol on their chest instead of the city or the country symbol. Sad that he's got educated kids but the dad still clings on to his soviet corrupt past running the mayor's office with professor taron as if the city budget is their personal piggy bank while yerevan remains a village with its lawlessness of illegal development, traffic anarchy, corrupt city employees, bribed elections and so on...
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