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Gyumri Restaurant Agrees to Release Brown Bear

Masha, a two-year-old brown bear caged on the premises of a Gyumri restaurant has been sent to the Yerevan Zoo for temporary keeping.

Armenia’s Ministry of Nature Protection reports that environmental groups were able to convince Voske Blour LLC, the restaurant owner, to free the bear.

Specialists will determine what happens to Masha after being quarantined. 

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1. Henrik Michaelian11:19 - 9 December, 2017
Increasingly we are seeing more stories of exploitation of wildlife in Armenia, brought to the attention of western media, and campaigns launched to rescue the animals. Private zoos invariably in the possession of the rich and lawless oligarchs is another issue. Why is Armenia's Ministry of Nature Protection not enforcing the protection laws, if such laws exist in the first place. It is astounding that environment groups have to convince people to release the animals. There must be deterrent, otherwise we will see this cruel practice again. Perhaps the education system has to play a part in changing the culture of exploitation. These practices must be exposed and the relevant authorities called to account.
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