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Official Cars in Armenia: Reduced in Quantity - Updated with New Ones

During the discussion of the 2018 draft state budget in the Armenia’s National Assembly, the government has submitted a reference on the maximum number of official cars of state agencies. According to this reference, their number is going to be reduced by 41 in 2018, compared to the previous year, becoming 874 instead of 915.

In 2017, however, some of the state agencies updated their car fleet. On December 22, the Ministry of Education and Science signed a contract for the purchase of passenger cars with Toyota Yerevan LLC, buying two cars with a total value of 19 million 500 thousand drams ($40,200).

On the same day, the Control Chamber of Armenia also signed a contract with the same company. The Control Chamber purchased one Toyota Camry car with a value of 14 million 110 thousand drams ($29,000) and 3 Toyota Corollas, each costing 9 million 730 thousand drams ($20,000).

The State Revenue Committee of Armenia also purchased two cars on December 22. These cars are specialized in cleaning large areas - streets, squares, roads, sidewalks, etc. They must have compact dimensions to move freely in the specified areas. The contract was signed with Alfa Trade LLC, amounting to AMD 16 million 400 thousand ($33,800).

The Armenian Police also signed an agreement to purchase a car. The contract for an SUV was signed on November 17, 2017, with Vekar LLC, for 10 million 600 thousand drams ($21,850).

Vanadzor State Medical College SNCO joined the race and purchased a car for 10 million 450 thousand drams ($21,500) from Toyota Yerevan LLC.


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1. Aram20:56 - 23 January, 2018
It is an absurd and wasteful practice to allow the so many cars and drives, let alone parking spaces to government (civilian, military and police) employees. Even the U.S senators drive their own car or pay their own drivers. This waste of Armenia's small budget should STOP
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