Thursday, 26 April

Government Issues Tax Break for Company Owned by Daughter of MP Samvel Aleksanyan

The Armenian government today exempted Alex Textile, a company owned by the Astghik Aleksanyan, daughter of Armenian businessman and member of parliament Samvel Aleksanyan, from paying import tax on AMD 706 million (US$1.475 million) worth of equipment to be shipped from Turkey and Uzbekistan.

The company has promised to create eighty new jobs with an average monthly wage of 70,000 drams.

In December of last year, the government allocated AMD 96 million worth of property (building and land at Public School 7 in Artik) to Chekh-Arm-Invest, another company owned by Astghik Alexsanyan, for a usage period of twenty years.

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1. Պատ22:18 - 5 April, 2018
70000 mean salary x 80 = total 5`600'000 2x1'000'000 for Mdm. Boss 5x 500'000 = 2'500'000 for direction members Remaining = 2'100'000 / 77= 27'273 drm /month Not really a salary only a tip ... Better we get to know the real salaries amounts payed than averages. ..
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