Tuesday, 25 September

Armenian President Elect and Eduardo Eurnekian Discuss Investment Prospects

Armenian president-elect Armen Sarkissian today traveled to the offices of Tierras de Armenia and met with company owner Eduardo Eurnekian.

The two toured the facility, which produces the Karas line of wines, and discussed investment prospects in those sectors of the Armenian economy that have been singled out as having vital significance for the country.

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1. Mahmouzian22:12 - 5 April, 2018
I love your wine.thank you very much for all you are doing ..Moran m
2. Arsen11:47 - 6 April, 2018
oh please no more "investments" from this crook, anything he touches turns into monopoly and bad for the people of Armenia..
3. mahmouzian18:55 - 8 April, 2018
arsen do you know any rich Armenian from Armenia who invest in Armenia for the people no they reap the country they steal they are crooks. ernekian is one of the last Armenian from the diaspora who invesr in it I will even say he is the last .my advise to you. support him go and buy a bottle of his karas wine and drink it at his health. mihran
4. Sakis15:28 - 16 April, 2018
Mr. Mahmouzian, for your information red wine "Karas" is cost 4600 AMD in the store the SAS.
5. Sakis16:11 - 16 April, 2018
And the minimum net salary in the Republic of Armenia is 55 000 drams.Here we have today such state, in which the monopolies it feel pretty at ease, Arsene is right.
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