Wednesday, 26 September

“We Reject Taron”: A Protest Against Yerevan Mayor Margaryan (Photos)

A group of citizens gathered in front of the Yerevan Municipality today, demanding Mayor Taron Margaryan's resignation. Citizens were given a chance to speak into a microphone for three minutes to express their protests, demands, viewpoints over the mayor's 7 years in office.

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1. aram22:05 - 10 May, 2018
Early (for Armenia) at 10 o'clock this morning as I drove by the Yerevan City hall there were only fifty or so demonstrators against "Daron jan" as S.S addressed the Mayor of Yerevan (regarding the illegal kiosks on Abovian street over year or so ago. Obviously the protest has a larger and justifiable appeal to the population as your photographs show
2. Samuel garegorian16:48 - 24 May, 2018
My property in Kaskad has been encroached by an ex Government official but my complaints are not being heard and the Municipality is even threatening to auction my property instead of helping me.
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