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Pashinyan Appoints Valery Osipyan Chief of Armenia Police

Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan has appointed Valery Osipyan to replace Vladimir Gasparyan as Armenia’s Chief of Police.

Gasparyan was dismissed earlier today.

Ospiyan had been serving as Yerevan Deputy Police Chief.

Armenian President Armen Sarkissian has already endorsed the appointment.

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1. Robert Davidian21:06 - 10 May, 2018
Both he and the newly appointed NSS chief are former criminal regime members. These are the most powerful positions in Armenia. With these appointments, no one can expect institutional changes because they have always been a part of these institutions as they have operated over the past twenty years.
2. preston bagrationi00:45 - 11 May, 2018
Here is my problem with Pashinyan. Why on earth did he accept the allegiances of the powerful oligarchic elite? As always, the people are either uninformed or outright dumb. They went out demonstrating so Pashinyan can become the prime minister. Listen you honest but surprisingly NAIVE compatriots, I say NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING will change in Armenia, except the prime minister. What a bunch of lambs these new generation are. We still will suffer and poverty will be widespread. Corruption will be rampant, as it it obvious by the quick maneuvering of the oligarchs by switching their allegiances. Ah poor Armenia of mine. The ONLY two people that must keep their jobs are: 1. Edward Nalbandian 2. Vigen Sargsyan If Pashinyan does NOT produce any results in a few months, I will go out demonstrating and blocking of streets, and then maybe I too may have the chance of becoming the prime minister of Armenia.
3. ominac00:48 - 11 May, 2018
to robert: հաւանաբար ճիշտ է, նախկինին փոխը ըլլալով հաւանաբար նախկինին կրկնօրինակն է։ Մէկու մը աշխատանքային սովորութիւնները պէտք է նախկինին նմանի, չէ թէ փոխը չէր ըլլար։ Բոլոր դէպքում, նայինք ինքզինքը ինչպէս պիտի պահէ։
4. GB03:22 - 11 May, 2018
Preston, grow some balls and go do it!
5. preston bagrationi04:03 - 11 May, 2018
GB, obviously you lack your balls. I am in Armenia, where are you, in the USA? Idiot imbecile.
6. Vahe05:49 - 11 May, 2018
Vigen Sargsyan hahaha and you call people uninformed or dumb. It's so ironic and hypocritical that's not even funny. Vigen is perfect example of "allegiance of the powerful oligarchic elite" It is because of people like you that things don't change
7. preston bagrationi18:42 - 11 May, 2018
Vahe, you already showed your ignorance and naivety. There absolutely is no PROOF that Vigen is a oligarch. However, there are millions of proof about the "real oligarchs" who already are fastening the noose around Pashinyan;s neck. Vigen Sargsyan's ONLY connection was to be in Sargsyan's government, and he did a darn good job as the defence minister. And what change, may I ask you are talking about? The MOST powerful oligarchs have changed their allegiances from Serzh to Nikol. If you lack political savviness, then hahaha yourself to ignorance. People do not see that these SAME EXACT OLIGARCHS are supporting Nikol. Tsarukyan is a prime example, the one that wants to destroy MORE virgin lands to fatten his bank account, and I just gave you one example. I am Not blaming you for your ignorance, I am stunned at your lack of political savviness. You are NAIVE if you thought Pashinyan will bring us prosperity. Pashinyan is just a name for the crooked oligarch, you might as well have been elected the prime minister of Armenia. The prime minister CAN change 3 million times, but the economic situation of 3 million Armenians will Not change one iota, as long as these corrupt oligarchs are supporting Pashinyan.
8. Vahe01:40 - 12 May, 2018
Oligarch or corrupt, does it really matter? I doubt even you know what the word oligarch means. Tell me what good did Vigen do as defence minister? It's clear you don't know much about politics and how it works. Tsarukyan didn't really have much allegiance to Sargsyan. not a good example. Of course oligarchs will try to support(buy) Nikol, they are trying to save their skin. At least Nikol is trying and is not corrupt unlike others and he deserve respect for that. For dramatic changes to take place people's mindset has to be changed first. I live in USA and there is rampant (legalized)corruption here. Big corporations and rich elites have a lot of power over politicians. I know exactly how system works here and there. If you want we can exchange numbers and talk over the phone
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