Saturday, 18 August

Garegin Chukaszyan: 21st Day of Hunger Strike

Although Garegin Chukaszyan, a member of Armenia’s opposition Pre-Parliament movement, was released from pre-trial detention on May 11, after MPs Lena Nazaryan and Ararat Mirzoyan had provided personal guarantees that Chukaszyan would not flee the country.

He continues his hunger strike, now in its 21st day, calling for the immediate release of all political prisoners in Armenia.

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1. Maro Mherian23:01 - 14 May, 2018
Պարոն Փաշինյան, What is taking so long for wrongly convicted Lieutenant Colonel Jirair Sefilian and all the political prisoners to be released from Armenia's prisons, I am sure the whole Armenian community knows that Mr. Sefilian is a real war hero and deserve real heroic medals and not to be seating in dungeon cell, it's a shame for the whole Armenian nation to treat a real hero like that. I heard Armenia has 150 Generals and I have seen few of those seating in the Parliament with their fat-big belies, what are they doing seating there and doing nothing, shouldn't they be standing next to the solders and protecting the borders. Mr. Sefilian, with his expertise and his intelligence deserves and should be appointed Ministry of Defense and National Security, and NOT BE treated like a criminal, The Mafia that convicted him are the real criminals and traitors of the whole Armenian nation. Jirair is our or Armenias Վարդան Մամիկոնյան, Jirair is our Արյուծ Մհեր, and this is how he is been treated, all I can say SHAME, SHAME, SHAME. Պարոն Փաշինյան, Միշտ հիշեք ձեր կոչը եւ ձեր ձայնը, Armenia's government should be free of OLIGARCHY, Free of BUSINESSMAN, and free of CORRUPTION. keeping Mr. Sefilian in prison another minute, another hour, another day is loss to the whole Armenian nation.
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