Friday, 17 August

Sasna Dzrer No Longer Deems "Armed Revolt" Necessary; Ready to Support Pashinyan's Government

The opposition Founding Parliament (FP) organization says that there is no longer any need for “armed revolt” in Armenia given that the recent people’s movement has swept aside the former traitorous and criminal regime and that it has been replaced by a government that enjoys the confidence of the people.

Referring to the armed Sasna Dzrer group that seized a Yerevan police building in the summer of 2016, the FP statement says that while the armed revolt did not achieve its final objective of regime change, it stopped the Serzh Sargsyan regime from handing Artsakh to foreign rule and paved the way for the peaceful revolution of this spring, led by Nikol Pashinyan and his supporters.

“Thus, that page of the national liberation struggle adopted by Sasna Dzrer, which necessitated armed revolt, is closed,” the FP statement reads.

In its statement, the FP says it’s ready to support the Pashinyan-led government given the threat of a political comeback by the former regime, and to ensure the total victory of the people.

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