Thursday, 20 September

Armenian Army Destroys Azerbaijani Frontline Position Along Nakhijevan Border

Armenian Ministry of Defense Press Spokesman Artsrun Hovhannisyan reports that an Armenian Army conscript soldier was slightly wounded yesterday when Armenian and Azerbaijani forces exchanged gunfire along the Nakhijevan border.

Hovhannisyan writes in a Facebook post that Armenian forces opened fire and thwarted an attempt by Azerbaijan to reinforce several of its frontline positions, destroying one of them.

Vahagn Baghdasaryan (b. 1974) was injured in the ensuing gunfire.

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1. Trdat17:38 - 1 July, 2018
Նախիջևան"յան" ուղղությամբ ․․․․․WTF ?
2. Ալվարդ Անտոնյան17:55 - 1 July, 2018
շատ լավ են արել,ինչքան կարելի է զիջել,թող իմանան,որ պատասխան են ստանալու
3. papken hartunian15:03 - 2 July, 2018
All Armenian still is not too late. Gather in Armenia and built new weapon, if you care about your legacy as Armenian. Our existence has been and is and will be questionable, if we do not move now.
4. Hagop00:46 - 3 July, 2018
The liberation of Nakhichevan is entirely left to Russia, which has an agreement with Turkey to "protect" Nakhichevan from Armenia. Thus, Armenia needs to work towards first making Russia tear up that treaty. Unfortunately Russia and Turkey are getting buddy-buddy lately due to their economic interests. I remember when Turkey shot down the Russian plane a few years ago, some CLOWN in the Armenian government claimed a conflict between Russia and Turkey is "bad for Armenia". Really? This mentality, in a nutshell is why we as a nation have been losers ever since we established the nation last century. I have been looking for that article to remember who it was, but can't find it. Anyone who knows who said that please state it. In fact a conflict between Russia and Turkey would be the best thing to happen to Armenia, maybe Armenia will suffer a bit in the short term, but its future and its security would improve dramatically, except at the moment there are no visionaries in Armenia that can see past their noses. Hopefully the new government will help to transform the nation into a patriotic one that cares for its future rather than its present.
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