Wednesday, 19 September

Yerevan Police Arrest Man Wanted in U.S. for Providing False Info to House Ethics Committee

Yerevan police say they have located and arrested Kevin Öksüz, wanted in the United States for providing false information and documents to the House Committee on Ethics.

According to a police statement issued today, Öksüz came to Armenia to start a business and has registered a company in the country.

Öksüz is said to be a president of a non-profit that seeks to foster friendly relations between Turks and Americans via greater tourism to Turkey and Azerbaijan.

In 2013 Öksüz and others invited several US Congressmen to Azerbaijan and Turkey on a private visit. He’s been charged with submitting false documents to the Ethics Committee, claiming that the organization never received financing from any source either directly or indirectly.

An investigation reveals that organization actually didn’t pay for all the expenses and received additional financing, including money from the Azerbaijani state-owned Socar Oil Company.

Nine congress members  and 32 staff members received gifts worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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