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And What About Tax Inspectors Who Avoid Paying Tax?

The sleek black Lexus pictured below belongs to Rafayel Mkrtchyan, an inspector at the State Revenue Committee.

I first spotted the expensive SUV parked outside the Criminal Appeals Court on December 30, 2011.

The “transit” license plate shows that the car never passed through RA customs.

The next time Examiner Mkrtchyan drove his Lexus to the Criminal Appeals Court was on January 10.

At the time, the court was hearing the appeal of Narek Hartounian, the diaspora Armenian arrested on suspicion of tax evasion.

That day, Examiner Mkrtchyan had in the Lexus as a passenger Bagrat Petrosyan, the state prosecutor handling the Hartounian case.

At first I figured that Mkrtchyan hadn’t gotten around to paying the import duties on the Lexus, what with the holidays and all.

I again spotted the car yesterday parked nearby the General Prosecutor’s Office and the building housing the State Revenue Committee.

The Lexus still bore a “transit” license plate.

That Mkrtchyan is driving around a car that hasn’t passed customs is a clear violation of the law.

And this from a state official whose job it is to “investigate” tax violations.

It’s a joke but I’m not laughing.

Naturally, I would first like to ask Gagik Khachatryan, who heads the State Revenue Committee, what the blazes is going on under his nose?

I mean, it’s up to Khachatryan to get his people in line and tell them that before they arrest people for allegedly not paying their taxes, they should be the first ones to pay what they owe.

Kind of makes sense.

P.S. Hetq’s source at the State Revenue Committee says that Rafayel Mkrtchyan loves his fancy cars and changes them a few times a year. The cars are said to come from the USA. I wonder what happens to the pricey cars after Mkrtchyan grows tired of them.

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1. Վարազ Սյունի (Ամստերդամ)17:51 - 21 January, 2012
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2. Hrant03:31 - 22 January, 2012
What would Nareg Hartounian do if he was being prosecuted by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in the USA? Would he be going after the investigator who is working on the case, would he have someone following the IRS agent and publishing pictures of their license plates online while making false assumptions that the taxes have not been paid. I am sure he and his journalist buddies wouldn't be doing it because they would go to jail for that. When he is pulled over by a police officer for speeding would he argue in his own defense that he is a philanthropist and therefore he should not be fined? Or would he be following the cop to find out whether or not he is driving a "fancy" car. Of course not. He would know better than that. The question is then why does he and his cronies allows themselves such behavior? Is it because he thinks that he can act with impunity under his aura of a philanthropist or a Diaspora Armenian. Bernie Maddoff was also a philanthropist and a respected person in some circles until he wasn't. If he is such an innocent lamb, why doesn't he wait to make his case to the judge instead of running a personal smear campaign against the investigator on this case. I am sure there will be an open hearing and he can disprove all the claims of the prosecution if he is really innocent. Whatever you can say about the authorities, they are not stupid to be proceeding with such a high profile case if they did not have overwhelming proof of Nareg's guilt. If Nareg is not a tax evader he should prove his innocence in the court and not be trying to drive a wedge between Diaspora Armenians and the Republic of Armenia. should also at least pretend to be an impartial observer in this case and not make this obvious that they are a hired gun for Nareg. If you want Armenia to be a country ruled by law, then have the decency to follow the law and a code of ethics yourselves. Do not make this case about the investigator, he is just doing his job investigating a case of tax evasion and it appears he must have uncovered a mountain of evidence of Nareg's guilt. Otherwise he and the "journalists" in his pocket would not be waging such a vicious smear campaign. So if Nareg was pulled over for speeding, the cop would respond to his pleading by asking him to tell it to the judge. That is also what he should do in Armenia. I am sure Nareg has the finest lawyers and journalists that money can buy and if there is a shred of doubt about his guilt he should be able to prove innocence. Otherwise his actions are just one more indication of his guilty consciousness and despair.
3. Levik09:32 - 22 January, 2012
@Hrant, you raise the wrong question regarding this article. It's not "what Nareg would do" in the States, but what the independent media would do when confronted with tax inspector that suspected of violating the very tax laws he's supposed to uphold. Of course, the press would investigate the matter to see what, if any, wrongdoing is involved. You apear perturbed that Hetq is doing exactly that - investigating. Smear campaign? Please spare us your fantasies. Here's a top-level tax examiner riding around in a pricey SUV that bears a license plate obviously showing that the vehicle hasn't passed through customs. Any reporter worth his/her salt would jump on the story, especially given that this Mkrtchyan is involved in the Hartounian "tax evasion" case. It seems to me that it is YOU who bears a secret vendetta against Nareg.
4. Hrant Martirosyan10:36 - 22 January, 2012
The official response of the state revenue agency clearly stated that the car was cleared through customs on Dec 22 just 2 days after it entered Armenia. Now you do not think that the agency would not have checked their facts before responding to especially when claims to have reliable sources inside the tax service. If the tax was not paid, motivated eager beavers such as those following government officials and publishing their personal license plates would find out and expose it. But unfortunately for Nareg & Co looks like the taxes were paid. And the pricey SUV that you mention is a 2004 Lexus GX 470 which if we go by the hetq article was imported from USA and costs less than $15,000. You can check it for yourself at And if you buy it at a car auction which most Armenians do when they import cars it would be less than $ 13,000. Having Georgian license plates does not mean the Armenian customs tax was not paid at all, just that Armenian license plates were not mounted on the car yet, and maybe the investigator had a reason to believe he was being followed by unsavory characters and does not want to reveal his actual license plates for his own safety. There is no point in claiming this investigator is a James Bond 007 with powers not to pay taxes and brake laws as he pleases and arrest the innocent Nareg. I challenge hetq and their reporters to disprove the fact that the customs tax was not paid on Dec 22. If they can't do that than they should own up to their mistakes, apologize and admit that they made the wrong assumptions. And you know what happens when you make assumptions - you make an ass out of yourself. Sooner or later Nareg will have his day in court and he will have to face the facts which are a stubborn thing. If he has nothing better in his cards than to try to blackmail government officials by showing that he is following their cars, then he is in a deeper hole that most realize. There is a Russian saying that a thief cries - catch the thief. And to assume that Rafael's income is the only income that would have bought his father's SUV is plain stupid. What if he has brothers who are successful business people in their own right much like Nareg's brothers. Would it be feasible that his dad's 2008 ML 350 would be bought by someone else other that Rafael or by the dad himself out of his own income? These are basic questions an eight grader would ask before proceeding with the article and they reveal the author's real agenda. They are just too eager to protect their paymaster Nareg. The reason I got involved is that I have been following this topic for some time and am disgusted at the one sided nature of hetq's reporting. They are trying to put the prosecution on trial because Nareg's guilt has become impossible to deny. I live in LA and I am sick and tired of every Diaspora Armenian that was unsuccessful reaping super profits in Armenia blame it on the motherland. Supposedly they are all saints and everyone in Armenia is corrupt. And Nareg is playing the same old poor Diasporan vs. Hayastanzi card and unfortunately for him he seems to be the desperate one and has the losing hand. We all know that there are all kinds of people in Diaspora and Armenia - both good and bad and everyone piling into Nareg's bandwagon to bash the people whose job is to catch tax cheats on the basis of reporter's imagination is plain wrong. Now you do not suppose that the reporter could be paid by Nareg to be extra zealous on this issue or could have Nareg's interest above those of justice....
5. Թլկատինցի10:37 - 22 January, 2012
“Միանշանակ էր, որ քննիչը պարզապես օրենքի խախտումով.......” Այստեղ, հոդվածագերը, ինչպես շատեր, “միանշանակ” բառը, սխալ է օգտագործել: Միանշանակ = Միանաման: Ուստի, ճիշտ կլիներ գրել – Միանգամայն ակնհայտ/պարզ էր, կամ, անտարակույս, եւ այլն:
6. Hrant Martirosyan11:12 - 22 January, 2012
@ Levik One more point: I am just trying to expose hetq's bias based on their very own reporting since nobody seems to give the authorities the benefit of the doubt that maybe they have really caught a tax cheat red handed. My money is on the prosecutors proving Nareg's guilt just because they would have stopped this case long ago if they did not have irrefutable proof. They must know all too well about Nareg's immense financial resources and media connections and would not be going up against them empty handed.
7. Vahagn20:38 - 22 January, 2012
Ashxary shur chekav, tox es txen el et hamarnerox vari, aveli lurj problemner kan dranc masin mtaceq !
8. Aram21:34 - 22 January, 2012
You are a safe gambler Hrant Martirosyan, since the Prosecutor(s)' office is always right and always wins in Hayastan.
9. Սուրեն21:55 - 22 January, 2012
Ես մշտապես հետևել եմ այս կայքի հրապարակումներին, որոնք, մանավանդ, առնչվել են Հայաստան - Սփյուռք հարաբերություններին` դրանցում որոնելով անկեղծ ու ազնիվ դրսևորումներ: Քանի–որ բանավեճում խոսք գնաց նաև /կներեք/ տխրահռչակ Սերոբ Տեր-Պողոսյանի մասին, ապա ուզում եմ արտահայտել իմ մեջ կուտակված այն խորը ափսոսանքն ու հիասթափությունը, որ, ցավոք սրտի, մեր ժողովրդի գերակշիռ մեծամասնությունը անկախ Հայաստանում ապրում է աղքատ ու զրկանքներով լի կյանքով: Այլապես ոնց հասկանալ, երբ լրատվությունից իմանում ենք թե ինչպես է մանկահասակ, լլկված տղայի մոր բերանը փակվում Սերոբ Տեր-Պողոսյանի կողմից` ընդամենը - քսան հազար դրամով: Կամ թե ինչպես էին տուժած մարդիկ, գեղովի կանգնում վերոհիշյալ ստոր արարածի թիկունքին, թե նա իրենց համայնքի համար շատ բարեգործություններ է արել և հենց այսօր էլ մի լրագրող – ում մի շատ սրտաճմլիկ լրատվություն է տալիս, թե այս մեր այլասերվածը տառապում է անբուժելի հիվանդությամբ ` ձգտելով նրա շուրջը ստեղծել կարեկցանքի մթնոլորտ: Եվ գիտեք ինչն է այստեղ ուշագրավը . որևէ հայաստանցի համասեռամոլ նման հոգածության չէր արժանանա, քանի-որ նա չունի նման հնարավորություններ: Այժմ անդրադառնանք Նարեկ Հարթունյանին: Սա ուղղակիորեն, ոնց-որ թե չի տառապում համասեռամոլությամբ, սակայն իրականում ավելի այլանդակն է, քանի-որ չի վճարում հարկերը և իր վարձու գրչակների միջոցով փորձում է ցեխ շպրտել իր հանցանքը բացահայտած ՊԵԿ-ի քննիչի վրա: Ես թոշակառու մարդ եմ և վիրավորվում եմ, որ իմ երկրում կրթություն ստացած լրագրողը չունի բավարար կենսամիջոցներ և իրեն վարձատրող ամեն մի ճիվաղ կարող է իրեն ուղղորդել իր ճղճիմ նպատակներն իրացնելու համար: Ա'յ,ի պատասխանատուներ, չէ-որ ձեր ապագա և իմ ներկա արժանավայել կենսաթոշակը պետք է ձևավորվեր Հարթունյանների նման անբարեխիղճ հարկատուների ականջները ձգելու միջոցով: Իսկ ինչ եք անում դուք ? Դուք նման եք այն չուկչային, որը սղոցում է ծառի այն ճյուղը, որի վրա նստած է: Այ, էս դժբախտ, խեղճ երկրի, ոչ բարով մտավորականնե'ր, բա չեք մտածում Ձեր երեխաների ապագայի մասին, թե Ձեր սկզբունքայնությունը վերջանում է, երբ այս րոպեին ու այս ժամ ուզում եք հագուրդ տալ Ձեր ընչաքաղցությանը: Ուզում եք վարձատրվել ? գրեք Կիրք Կիրքորյանի, Սամվել Կարապետյանի նման, իրոք, անշախնդիր բարերարների մասին, որոնք երբեք չեն տարփողում իրենց արածները, ինչպես սա, որի ամեն գործարքից փողերի լվացման կամ այլ -անուշաբույրություններ- են բուրում:
10. Hrant Martirosyan22:06 - 22 January, 2012
@ Aram How will the prosecutors win against someone as wealthy and well connected as Nareg if they don't have the facts on their side? In cases of tax evasion it is not about what he said - she said. Every transaction that Nareg did must have left some kind of paper trail and that trail seems to have been uncovered. If everyone is so fair minded why won't they wait until the trial. It seems that the authorities have found "the murder weapon" equivalent of Nareg's tax evasion.
11. SA04:42 - 23 January, 2012
People at hetq listen to this because its important. I believe we need to start revolutions in Armenia or we risk losing our nation at this point. Everyone lives in poverty and the government are just a few people with money and their pals. Its awful when I went this summer and stayed at the marriot it was nice but you leave the center of Yerevan we see awful things we should make a facebook group titled armenian government resignation and the formation of a government with smart educated armenians from armenia and the diaspora.
12. Հովնան19:24 - 23 January, 2012
Սուրեն ջան, լավ էլի: Անպայման մի "չալ թել պիտի ոլորեք"? Նարեկ Հարթունյանը դարձավ այլանդակ, չարամտորեն հարկերը թաքցնող, Հետք-ն էլ` վարձու գրչակների տեղ?: Իսկ ՊԵԿ-ի քննիչ կոչված արարածը և դրա նմաններն իրենց շեֆերի ու շեֆերի շեֆերի հետ միասին` ովքեր են? Ավելի ճիշտ` ինչեր են: Իմ հարևանության մեջ կա ՊԵԿ-ի մի կախգլուխ գեղցի աշխատակից, որի աշխատավարձը եռակի ցածր է իմինից, իսկ կոնսամակարդակը` առնվազն տասն անգամ բարձր իմինից: Գագիկ Խաչատրյանը թե տղամարդ է, Էդիկի հարցի հետ միասին թող էս թվաբանական հարցին էլ պատասխանի` ոնց կարելի է երեք անգամ քիչ վաստակել, բայց տասն անգամ ավելի մեծ եկամուտ ունենալ: Չնայած թքած դրանց ապրուստի վրա: Զարմանում եմ, մարդ ինչքան միամիտ (դուք ավելին հասկացեք) պիտի լինի սրանց հանդուրժելու համար: Գիշեր-ցերեկ երկիրը կործանում են` տխմարավարի մտածելով, թե չեն պատժվելու: Արդեն պատժված են. օրինակ, ոնց կարող ենք ես կամ իմ ընկերները իմ հիշատակած թշվառական հարկայինին մեզ հավասար մարդ ընդունել, երբ ընդամենը պետական ջեբկիր ու հանցագործ է, ինչպես և իր պետերն ու պետերի պետերը:
13. aram23:59 - 23 January, 2012
Good suggestion Hrant and Souren, why don't we all wait for the court to do its job(?) before we pass (our)judgement? One more question, are you saying the prosecutor is(financially) poor?
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