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Calcutta School Director Fired

On November 4, 2005 the Holy See of Echmiadzin fired Sonya John, the director of the Armenian College of Calcutta. This woman, known for her brutal treatment of children, had been in charge of 101 pupils from various communities in Armenia and the Diaspora. At the beginning of this year, forty children fell ill with hepatitis in the Armenian College of Calcutta. Hetq has reported on the situation in the college on several occasions (See also: The Lives of Armenian Children are in Danger in Calcutta).

The Mother See had been trying to remove John from her post for years, without success. The Holy Nazareth Church provides the college with $500,000 every year, and financial supervision is the responsibility of the Holy Nazareth Church Council, the president of which was, until recently Sonya John. John has been accused of mismanaging the financial resources of the church and misappropriated large sums of money. The financial reports of both the college and the church have been closed even to the Mother See; no one has been able to determine how Sonya John was managing the money under her control, which had been donated to the church by philanthropists at various times and is reported to have totaled several million dollars.

Sonya John had bribed certain members of the Church Council and the Mother See had long been unable to have any decision against passed.

When the Holy Nazareth Church Council convened on November 6 th , however, Sonya John was not reelected president.

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1. Andranik17:45 - 16 July, 2012
The Armenian College of Calcutta & the Holy Nazareth Mother Church belongs to the Armenians of Iran, it was made by donations of all Armenians in India who are originally from Iran, it might be under the jurisdiction of Etchmiadzin but it does not mean they can do what ever they want, never forget all the churches in India were build by Armenians from Iran, we are monitoring every action taken.
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