Tuesday, 26 September

Foreign Policy

Opinion Armenia’s Foreign Policy Four Years after the U-Turn

12:19 | September 3, 2017
Four years after Yerevan announced its intention to join the Russian-led Customs Union (now Eurasian Economic Union - EAEU), the consequences of the move are still haunting Armenia. The basis of Armenia’s declared multi-vector foreign policy has been shattered. The 3 September 2013 U-turn put a halt to the Association Agreement (AA) with the European Union that Armenia was supposed to sign two months later

News Statement by Minister Nalbandian at the Informal Ministerial Meeting of Eastern Partnership in Chisinau

11:49 | July 10, 2017
On many occasions we have underlined the importance of the Riga Joint Declaration, its four main areas of cooperation, principle of differentiation and other provisions that have guided our efforts within the Eastern partnership during the past two years. Armenia has registered sound achievements: Horizon 2020, COSME, launching negotiations on the Common Aviation Area Agreement, as well as the “Creative Europe”, that we intend to finalize soon, but first of all, the new Comprehensive and Enhanced Partnership Agreement that we initialed and plan to sign in Brussels this November.

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