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Investigation Playing with Fire: Some Armenian Aviation Companies Charged with Violating U.N. Arms Embargos

00:13 | March 19, 2016
While this is not the first time that aviation companies registered in Armenia have been caught up in tangled international stories of intrigue, the government of Armenia seems to turn a blind eye to it all. Such an approach can lead to unforeseen consequences given the strong possibility that one day Armenia may face U.N. sanctions due to the exploits of Armenian aviators.

Investigation Armavia: Armenia’s Faded Colors

00:12 | October 3, 2015
Armavia, regarded as Armenia’s flying colors, could have continue to operate. However artificial its dominancy over the ruins of Armenian Airlines may appear, the liberalization of the aviation sector – with all its negative consequences - was equally natural. In the history of Armenian aviation, the ten years between 2003 and 2013 will perhaps go down as the Armavia decade, rich with the extreme ups and downs particular to the aviation of independent Armenia.

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