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Mass Media Legislation

Articles Media Freedom in Armenia

14:06 | January 31, 2013
In 2012 the civil society, the Central Election Committee and the government undertook legislative initiatives some of which resulted in changes in statutory laws regulating the media activities whereas some other initiatives had no success because they were either rejected by the National Parliament or were not included in the agenda of the Parliament despite the fact that they had been submitted to the Parliament in the beginning of this year and it’s already a significantly long time now since the drafts have been in circulation in the Parliament.

Articles 2010: The Media in Review

15:30 | December 27, 2010
We should point out that despite the decriminalization of slander and defamation, Article 344 remains in the RA Criminal Code. It deals with slander of “Judges, prosecutors, investigators, case examiners or bailiffs from the Compulsory Enforcement Service.” Given the particulars involved, one can be sentence to up to 4 years according to the Article. In effect, it remains a convenient weapon in the hands of the authorities; to be brandished whenever reporters and journalists start to critically cover the issues of the day.

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