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Opinion May Days to Come: Fighting for Workers’ Power in Armenia

01:40 | May 2, 2017
Another May Day is upon us. International Workers’ Day has its origins in the U.S.A., but for more than a century American politicians have tried to rebrand the date. They proclaimed May 1 “Americanization Day,” then “Loyalty Day,” and then “Law Day.” So far their efforts have failed: for millions of American workers, and for workers in scores of other countries, too, May 1 is still International Workers’ Day, a day of working class solidarity and pride.

Opinion  Two-Year Struggle of Garni Residents in Armenia Leads to Success

19:13 | December 30, 2016
The struggle of Garni residents for Azat River was one of the most important events in 2016. The two- year struggle came to a solution on May 21, 2016 when Hovik Abrahamyan, the Prime Minister of the Republic, met with the residents of Garni, who had blocked Garni-Yerevan road for saving River Azat and announced: “Kaghtsrashen Gravity Scheme is cancelled, the construction is stopped and the construction machinery is withdrawn from Azat Gorge.”

News The Right of People of Nagorno-Karabakh to Self-Determination in the Light of the ICJ’s Advisory Opinion on Kosovo

18:02 | November 14, 2016
The key issue of negotiations over Nagorno-Karabakh (hereinafter NK) conflict settlement is the status of the disputed region, which must be resolved on the basis of the right of nations to self-determination. In this regard, many experts and politicians point out the mechanism of resolution of the Kosovo conflict as precedential for the determination of the NK status .

Opinion Armenia: Return of the Russophobes

13:11 | October 31, 2016
Some of the loudest opposition voices in Yerevan these days make a great show of hating everything Russian, and their hatred has become frenzied. Most readers are probably aware of this, but those who still need convincing need only take a moment to peruse the relevant online news sources, or to recall the rants from Opera Square last summer, where, for example, one speaker proclaimed that there is no anti-Russian measure that would be too extreme for Armenians to take.

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