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Opinion  Two-Year Struggle of Garni Residents in Armenia Leads to Success

19:13 | December 30, 2016
The struggle of Garni residents for Azat River was one of the most important events in 2016. The two- year struggle came to a solution on May 21, 2016 when Hovik Abrahamyan, the Prime Minister of the Republic, met with the residents of Garni, who had blocked Garni-Yerevan road for saving River Azat and announced: “Kaghtsrashen Gravity Scheme is cancelled, the construction is stopped and the construction machinery is withdrawn from Azat Gorge.”

News The Right of People of Nagorno-Karabakh to Self-Determination in the Light of the ICJ’s Advisory Opinion on Kosovo

18:02 | November 14, 2016
The key issue of negotiations over Nagorno-Karabakh (hereinafter NK) conflict settlement is the status of the disputed region, which must be resolved on the basis of the right of nations to self-determination. In this regard, many experts and politicians point out the mechanism of resolution of the Kosovo conflict as precedential for the determination of the NK status .

Opinion Armenia: Return of the Russophobes

13:11 | October 31, 2016
Some of the loudest opposition voices in Yerevan these days make a great show of hating everything Russian, and their hatred has become frenzied. Most readers are probably aware of this, but those who still need convincing need only take a moment to peruse the relevant online news sources, or to recall the rants from Opera Square last summer, where, for example, one speaker proclaimed that there is no anti-Russian measure that would be too extreme for Armenians to take.

Opinion Former Kolkota Armenian School Manager Sends Protest Letter to Catholicos Karekin II

13:18 | October 11, 2016
Who would have thought that Your Holiness above all people in Armenia would be the architect of curbing higher education or children. It has been officially announced to the students of the Armenian College by Rev. Father MovsesSargsyan, manager of the school, that the boys will have to return to Armenia once they complete class X, to serve in the Armed forces of Armenia. Until now the students were given the opportunity to complete class X and XII and go to college or get vocational training. This would groom them for their adult life.

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