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News From the Border to TUMO

17:46 | February 22, 2016
It’s a three hour round-trip to Dilijan from Vazashen, Nergin Karmir Akhbiur, Aygepar, Sarigyugh, Berkaber, Baghanis, Paravagar, Movses, Chinari, Voskevan, Koti, Barekamavan or Voskevaz. Needless to say, the trip is not short, but thanks to the “Border Village Teens to TUMO” program, 70 teens have already become TUMOians within the last several months. The program, a joint initiative between TUMO, the Hayreniqi Darpasner (Gates to the Fatherland) NGO and Beeline Armenia, provides transportation for these teens, ensuring their attendance at TUMO Dilijan.

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