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Фракция “Выход” обратится в Конституционный суд, если к инициативе присоединится фракция “Царукян”

Парламентская оппозиционная фракция “Выход” намерена обратиться в Конституционный суд для оспаривания порядка выборов президента страны. Об этом на своей странице в Фейсбуке сообщил руководитель фракции Никол Пашинян.

В беседе с Hetq.am депутат фракции “Царукян” Наира Зограбян отметила, что знакома с предложением своих коллег, но их фракция этот вопрос пока не обсуждала, поэтому не может сказать, присоединяться они к инициативе или нет.

“Когда специалисты изучат вопрос и выяснят, что Конституция противоречит указанной статье, тогда и можно будет обсудить это предложение”,- сказала Н.Зограбян.

Мы напомнили об интервью адвоката Ваге Григоряна, в котором и был поднят  этот вопрос, выяснилось, однако, что г-жа Зограбян не читала интервью.

Ранее представители правящей партии заявили, что выборы четвертого президента РА состоятся 2 марта в Национальном Собрании.

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1. MK21:35 - 22 февраля, 2018
Armen's PR show with the full assistance of this corrupt ruling RPA party is on the road.I firmly believe that he is part and parcel of the British Establishment promoted to that position in order to carry out their globalist plans and one of them is to solve the Artshak issue by handing Artsakh to Azerbaijan with an autonomous statues which he said in one of his meetings in London,and secondly to bring Armenia firmly into the west's orbit thus he cannot be trusted with the affairs of the Armenian state. Any nominee chosen by serjuk's corrupt ruling RPA party automatically becomes tarnished in the eyes of the public at large as he will be dancing to their corrupt tune nor can he become the country's president but only parliaments chosen president as he was not voted in by the public.The Armenian public has a right to know all about this nominee who was absent for 22 years from Armenia and he is a British national and resident which under the Armenian Constitution disqualifies him from that position if we are a law abiding nation,his two sons never served a day in the army and are British nationals and residents and feel very British. He needs to be thoroughly vetted for his past official work and also all about his business dealings such as "Amuslar" gold mine, "Jermuk International Pepsi Cola Bottler company",“Nestle” company in Armenia,he is the owner of “Yerevan my love” foundation where he received an area of 298 square meters, worth about 380,000 dollars in Kozern district by the government decision in 2013. We need to know all about his shareholdings in all these and other companies in order to see if any foreign government or person/s has any leverage over him.He also needs to explain why he suddenly resigned after two months of being PM,what was the serious disagreement between him and our hero Vasgen,I believe it was all to do with Artsakh,was he beaten by Vasgen? He also needs to explain his very troubling thinking that Artsakh should be part of Azerbaijan under an autonomous statues, also he needs to explain why he didn't want to leave his position as ambassador to the UK when he was sacked by President R.Kocharian for plotting against the President and also the fact that he wanted to have a monopoly on the ambassadors position in the UK from day one bearing in mind that he also passed the ambassadorship to his wife in that period the reason being is that he used the position for his enrichment which is against the law .He also has a noticeable anti ARF bias from the days of LTP and beyond and has the same faulty thinking as LTP on all our national issues which is nothing but a disgrace. One of the reasons the outgoing President gives for appointing Mr. Armen Sarkissian to become the 4th President of the Republic of Armenia is that the candidate ‘ has never been involved in politics nor has he been member of a political party’. If Mr. Sarkissian is not a ’political animal’ why has he served as the ambassador of Armenia to the Court of St James’ for so many years? The main and sole duty of an ambassador is to represent his country. Armen Sarkissian has exploited his position to mass a fortune for himself and his friends on the back of his country. He has appropriated the position for his own benefit. When he was dismissed from his post in 2000 he ceremoniously lowered the flag of the Republic of Armenia, folded it and handed it over to the Chairman of the Armenian community in London. By this public show in front of an assembled crowd of supporters he was expressing the outermost disdain any person can display in towards his people and country. Armen has made so many serious political mistakes,He could never be trusted as he is all about looking after himself apart from the fact that he also believes that Artsakh should be part of Azerbaijan with an autonomous statues which he said so in London a while ago which is a total disgrace to put it mildly. The nominee has so many grey areas to address, what a sham. Before assuming his new post he should be asked to produce a report on his achievements as ambassador for the benefit of his people. This very year oligarchs and corrupt politicians in the remote African countries of Zimbabwe and South Africa have been forced to step down accused of stripping their countries assets. Mr. Armen Sarkissian has been part of the Armenian government for decades and for very that reason he bears full responsibility for the state of his country, to the people he is supposed to have represented as a diplomat. It is a paradox that a scandal plagued ambassador who has been appointed President of the Republic of Armenia is actively lobbying the diaspora instead of giving an account of his long years of tenure in London to the Armenia people.The bottom line remains that he has done nothing to stop his countries slide into poverty, corruption and stem the flow of migration apart from looking after himself financially. These are very serious and valid questions which the public needs to hear all the answers rather than being covered up and ignored and spun by the pro regime media with positive articles printed on a daily basis for this nominee.This sort of unvetted and half baked appointments will never do our country any good or earn the respect of the nation nor by breaking the constitutional law where the nominee needs to be a resident and national of Armenia for the past six years which this nominee clearly wasn't.
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