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Nareg Hartounian: “They're telling us to pack up and leave the country”

The RA Customs Agency has slapped a ban on all Tsar brand items imported by the Hartounian family’s GH Storage Enterprises company.

This is the latest development in the tax evasion case pitting the diaspora Armenian Hartounian’s and Armenia’s State Revenue Committee.

The Hartounian’s argue that the move is a violation of their constitutional rights to operate a business.

Despite the fact that the amount of contested tax is 111 million AMD, the Compulsory Enforcement Service refused to freeze 1.2 billion of the company’s real estate.

Instead, the CES today froze all fixed and variable property belonging to the company.

Commenting on today’s decision, Nareg Hartounian said he had no doubt that the whole affair is being planned in an attempt to destroy the family business.

“They are telling us straight out to pack up and leave,” he said.

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pet8yun@ pet8yun chi. erevi es ardar mardik inch vor banov hay gorcararneric mekin xangarum en eli... Axr vor iranc mek angam tesneq, miangamic khaskanaq inch lav u azniv mardik en
The CES act to ban the Nareg Hartounian business is illegal. Those responsible should be reprimended and punished.

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