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Armenia: First Coronavirus Case Detected; Pashinyan Calls for Calm

The first coronavirus case has been registered in Armenia.

Armenian PM Nikol Pashinyan, in a Facebook post, says the patient is a 29-year- old Armenian citizen who arrived in Yerevan by plane from Tehran on February 28.

Pashinyan writes that the man had a fever and went to see a doctor who tested him for the virus and was tested positive. The man was then tested again.

 The man’s wife, who accompanied him from Tehran, was also tested. Her test result was negative.

“People who were in contact with the patient will be isolated. I would also like to mention that in the plane from Tehran, as planned, carried Armenian citizens and their flight was to guarantee their inalienable right to return home,” writes Pashinyan.

The prime minister writes that all the passengers on the plane wore masks and that the flight was monitored by health officials.

All the passengers in Tehran and on the plane were wearing masks, the plane and the airport were escorted in a special order, with no unnecessary contact.

“We know the Armenian frontier service officer who processed the return of the man and his wife. By the way, border guards were also wearing masks and medical gloves,” Pashinyan writes, adding that the taxi drivers who drove the couple home in Armenia and to the hospital will also be quarantined.

The prime minister says that thirty people will be quarantined today in quality hotel facilities.

Pashinyan writes that government officials will discuss whether or not to cancel the annual March 1 march in Yerevan commemorating those who died in the 2008 post-election violence.

“I urge you to keep calm, trust only the news spread by the government and official bodies, and employ the measures recommended by the Ministry of Health to prevent the spread of the infection,” writes Pashinyan.

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այսօրվա ՀՀ ԱՆ նախարարը ցանյացած ձևով փորձում է արդարացնել իր անգործ պահվածքը համաճարակի կանխարգելման դեմ չարված քայլերի համար, այդքան բան

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