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Armenia Wine Company: Ten Years of Satisfying Consumer Demands

The following is a paid unedited Armenia Wine Company advertisment.

The Armenia Wine Company has been staying close to consumers for 10 years already shaping together with them new realities of wine drinking, maturing the centuries-old Armenian winemaking culture and creating new values.

21st Century Model Wineyards and Modern Winemaking Technology

The Armenia Wine Company began back in 2006, when it planted its first own vineyards in the Armavir province. Just 4 years later - in 2010- the company presented its products to the Armenian consumers.

As a company prioritizing the health of consumers and its employees, as well as environment protection, Armenia Wine began to develop organic agriculture in the country. Having planted first organic vineyards in 2017, in 2020 the company has enlarged their total area to 82 hectares.

Armenia Wine's wines are produced from Armenian and European grape varieties purchased in four regions of the country, while grape varieties grown in its own vineyards are being expanded from year to year.

The winery is one of the first in Armenia, which, in order to ensure the high quality of its products, has introduced the most advanced wine and cognac production technologies in the world, which is  key to producing quality wine and cognacs.

Wins and partners at the international market

Armenia Wine's products have a worthy place among the most demanding customers in more than 26 countries that testifies to the high quality of the winery's products. Evidence of this are victories at numerous international wine and spirit competitions.

In the second year of production, the company began to present its wines at international competitions. The first of these was the famous Muscat Du Monde competition, where Armenia Muscat wine was awarded a silver medal, and two years later, also gold medals.

Continuing its triumphal march, over the 10 years of its activity, the Armenia Wine Company has been awarded 26 gold, 38 silver and 31 bronze medals at various international competitions bringing the attention of international wine lovers to high-quality Armenian wines.

For any consumer

Over the past 10 years, Armenia Wine Company has managed to become the most famous and beloved wine brand in Armenia, presenting more than 40 types of products to wine lovers in about 7,000 sales and service stores in Armenia and Artsakh.

The range of wines - Tariri, Takar, Yerevan, Nazani and Armenia of the winery are created for any consumer. Wine lovers with the most varied preferences in taste and aroma can find the ideal option for themselves among Armenia Wine wines.


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