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The Exodus from Kashatagh Continues

On September 18, 2006 Hetq published a document signed by the head of Kashatagh administration, Hamlet Khachatryan, which gave Yurik Petrosyan, the director of Jupiter, Ltd. permission to dismantle the reinforced concrete structures of damaged houses in several settlements to use the material for construction work elsewhere in the region. (See: A License for Robbery).

We have learned that the company never used any of the reinforced concrete for construction work in the region, but transported and sold it in Goris instead. Neither Nagorno Karabakh nor Armenian law enforcement agencies have responded directly following pour publication of this information. Instead, on October 17 th , Hamlet Khachatryan signed an order invalidating the licenses given to Yurik Petrosyan and to two other individuals invalid.

The situation in the Kashatagh region has been a focus of public attention and the mass media have reported on harsh living conditions in the region, on illegal actions by the head of the administration, and on the absence of a resettlement policy, all of which have contributed to an exodus from the region.

Officials, however, have failed to address the issues reporters have raised. Though the National Assembly and the National Security Council of Nagorno Karabakh were supposed to discuss the issue and president Arkady Ghukasyan promised a group Diaspora-Armenians in Los Angeles in November to tackle the problems the region faces as soon as he returns to Nagorno Karabakh, the situation has not changed and people continue to leave Kashatagh.

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