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Armenian President Marks Knowledge and Letters Day: "Knowledge is a double-edged sword"

Armenian President Armen Sarkissian released the following unedited statement today on Knowledge and Letters Day. The day marks the beginning of school in Armenia and several other former Soviet republics.

Dear pupils and students, tutors and parents,

Today is Knowledge and Letters Day, and on this occasion, I congratulate you all and send my best wishes.

My special congratulations go to the first graders and teachers who will enter the school for the first time.

The road leading to knowledge has always been enjoyable and difficult. It becomes especially difficult in extraordinary situations.

But a person is not only able to set a goal but also overcome emerging difficulties.

You, today’s generation, have the opportunity to do it not only in a classical way but also by using modern technologies, by creating and mastering them. But before it, the first step to be done is entering the school.

The path, which will become your life road, starts here. It is the road toward simple human relations, road to work, road to love and happiness and, certainly, toward knowledge.

Knowledge about life, people, the world and nature… It is a key which seems to be far away but in reality, it is very close and available. It is a key which can open every door, from the door of your home, to a space shuttle door, from the door to the most secret hiding place in our heart, to a seemingly unlockable door of artificial intelligence. To master that key is easy – it is necessary to learn, to toil, to work.

Dear pupils and students, you get the knowledge with the help of your teachers in kindergarten, in school, your lecturers in university, and, certainly, your parents. I take this opportunity to thank all tutors and especially our first teachers who leave a profound imprint in our life. Knowledge is power which allows to move mountains in direct and indirect sense.

That power comes first from the Family, Fatherland, and native land. Fatherland ought to become the main place where your knowledge will be used. You can receive the best possible education and knowledge, master foreign languages and modern technologies, create artificial intelligence with your own intelligence and channel it towards the creation of great values.

But always remember that familiy and national values come first, as well as national interests. Knowledge is a double-edged sword:

It can help but also can harm if it is not based on the highest of human values and morality, which are centered around love for one another and nature, love and dedication to the Fatherland, to one’s own history and nation.

I wish you good health and peace, success and all the best.


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