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Kristine Aghalaryan

Israel: Armenians Demand Halt to Weapon Sales to Azerbaijan

Armenians in the Israeli city of Haifa gathered today near the Baha'i shrine in the city to protest the Israeli government's sale of weapons to Azerbaijan.

Carrying posters proclaiming "Israel is arming Azerbaijan", "Stop the aggression of Azerbaijan and Turkey", they demanded that Israeli authorities not arm Azerbaijan anymore with weapons that target civilians.

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taline voskeritchian
Taline Voskeritchian The Armenian elites who have pushed for the emulation of the "Israeli model," the pundits and experts in Armenia who have supported closer ties between the two countries, and the pro-Israel anti-semites in Armenia dn the diaspora (no contradiction there!)-- where are they now to take responsibility for their words? And where are the journalists and public opinion writers asking the question, forcing the issue?

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