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Professional Fellows Program Alumni of Armenia Urges U.S. to Recognize Artsakh Independence

The Professional Fellows Program Alumni of Armenia addressed the following letter to U.S. Ambassador to Armenia Lynne M. Tracy.

(The Professional Fellows Program (PFP) is sponsored by the U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs. The Professional Fellows Program affords promising young professionals the opportunity to gain practical experience in, and exposure to, United States government.)

To the U.S. Ambassador to Armenia

Honorable Lynne M. Tracy,

It is with the extreme concern we, the Professional Fellows Program Armenia alumni network, write you this letter to one more time bring to your attention the unprovoked ignition of war by Azerbaijan and Turkey against Artsakh Republic and its civilian population, and call upon the United States to take all possible actions to cease the Azerbaijani-Turkish aggression.

Since the start of the war late September Azerbaijan with the direct support of Turkey has been using cluster munitions and indiscriminately attacking civilians, civilian objects and entire cities and villages of Artsakh Republic. All these violent acts have caused the death of the peaceful population of Artsakh Republic and brought about grave human rights violations, destruction of homes, and infrastructures. The direct targeting of civilians, the repeated bombardment of cities of Artsakh, including the spiritual and ethnic symbol of Armenians – the Ghazanchetots cathedral in Shushi - leaves us with no doubt that the Azerbaijani-Turkish army, backed by thousands of terrorist mercenary groups from Syria, pursue a clear objective of ethnic cleansing of Artsakh from Armenians. That being said, we witness yet another genocide of Armenians, this time in Artsakh.

As you know, Azerbaijan broke the cease-fire agreement reached in Moscow on the 10th of October, and as of October 12 almost all the civilian settlements of Artsakh are again the target of Azerbaijani-Turkish terrorist forces. The situation is on the brink of humanitarian crisis and requires immediate intervention of the international community to contain Azerbaijan’s and Turkey’s genocidal war against Armenians.

As part of the Armenian youth, we are firm, both in Armenia and Artsakh, in our choice of building Armenian statehood that hinges on democracy, rule of law, respect for human dignity, rights and freedoms which was even more strengthened during our fellowships in different parts of the United States. But today, not only massive violations of international human rights and humanitarian law are taking place in Artsakh, but also the very existence of Armenians is under imminent threat. This war is not only a threat for us, Armenians, but is also a global threat as we are dealing with international terrorism, obvious violation of human rights, and crimes against humanity.

Recalling our experiences in the United States, the necessity to bring and implement best practices and values and seeing your commitment, as a US Ambassador to Armenia, to the sustainable and democratic development of our country, we are hopeful that United States will

  • take immediate and vigorous action to stop the aggression of Azerbaijan and Turkey against Artsakh Republic and the Armenians,
  • recognize the independence of the Republic of Artsakh, respecting the right of self-determination exercised by the people of Artsakh,
  • call into questions the direct support of terrorism and aggression by Turkey, a member of NATO.


Professional Fellows Program Alumni of Armenia (The letter is an individual initiative of Professional Fellows Program Alumni and does not represent the opinion of American Councils or the PFP Program)

Anna Ohanyan

Arman Poghosyan

Armenuhi Chiflikyan

Arsen Nikoghosyan

Arshak Gasparyan

Asanet Aloyan

Diana Ghukeyan

Diana Mirzoyan

Gohar Hakobyan

Gor Movsisyan

Hasmik Barseghyan

Hayk Tutunjyan

Hermine Harutyunyan

Hermine Katvalyan

Hovhannes Harutyunyan

Husik Martirosyan

Iren Danielyan

Karen Amiryan

Karine Aghajanyan

Kristina Hovhannisyan

Levon Vardapetyan

Lilit Grigoryan

Mariam Evoyan

Mariam Mkrtichyan

Narine Avagyan

Nelli Kirakosyan

Nune Sakanyan

Paruyr Jangulyan

Ruzanna Khachatryan

Sargis Torosyan

Satenik Baghdasaryan

Sayad Badalyan

Seda Tarjumanyan

Tatev Ohanyan

Tigran Grigoryan

Tigran Tshorokhyan

Tirayr Vardazaryan

Varser Karapetyan

Zarine Harutyunyan

Zaruhi Matevosyan

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