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U.S. Ambassador Lynne M. Tracy's Response to U.S. Exchange Programs' Alumni Open Letters

Three U.S. Exchange Programs (FLEX Alumni, PFP and Fulbright) wrote an open letter to U.S. Ambassador Lynne M. Tracy to urge the US Department of State to take action against the aggression of Azerbaijan, Turkey and international terrorist groups as a matter of responsibility to protect the Armenian people, their right to life and self-determination.

The number of alumni that joined the open letters in total was 307 (241 FLEX Alumni, 26 Fulbright Alumni and 40 PFP Alumni).

The response from the U.S Ambassador Lynne M. Tracy was shared with alumni on October 20, 2020.

View the full response letter below;

October 20, 2020

Dear Alumni:

Many of you have written open letters to me over the past two weeks regarding the conflict in and outside of Nagorno-Karabakh and the terrible costs of this violence. The news that there have been losses among our alumni has been a source of particular sorrow in a situation that is already deeply painful for all involved.

Through your letters, you are expressing the values we hope are instilled in participants  of all U.S. Embassy exchange programs. You are exercising your right to free speech and are focusing that right of free speech to directly communicate to the U.S. Embassy your concerns. I respect that right and have given close attention to what you have told me in your letters and messages.

As the U.S. Ambassador to Armenia, I have been supporting the engagement of the United States at the highest levels to end the violence and help resume a peaceful settlement process. That work continues, and your input has shaped and will continue to shape our efforts  to stop the fighting and seek a peaceful resolution of the conflict.

I join the OSCE Minsk Group Co-Chairs in calling for full observance of international obligations to protect civilian populations, and the United States has maintained the belief that participation  in the escalation of violence  by external parties undermines efforts to achieve lasting peace in the region. I appreciate that there is frustration  with the time it is taking to end  the hostilities and the role you would like for the United States to take in responding to the conflict. I can tell you that high-level  U.S. officials have becn working tirelessly  since the  conflict began to help bring an end to the violence. The Secretary of State, the Deputy Secretary, and the White House are fully engaged to achieve a ceasefire and return the sides to talks. In particular, Andrew Schofer, who serves as the U.S. Co-Chair of the Minsk Group, has been  closely involved with the Minsk Group discussions and seeking a path to peace.

Again, thank you for sharing your views with me — I wanted to respond directly to you, our valued alumni, with this letter. Please be assured that the U.S. Embassy and the U.S. Government will continue to work for peace in Armenia and the region.


Lynne M. Tracy Ambassador

Comments (2)

Siding with Russia was a mistake for Armenia in the past, and also for her future.
concerned citizen
the dagger in this convoluted, brainwashing, too-much-talk- hide-the-essence mumbo-jumbo DIVERSION is in the last sentence "will continue to work for peace in Armenia and the region.". She doesn't say peace in Artsakh or peace in Armenia AND Artsakh, but says Armenia and the region, region meaning "azerbaijan and turkey have the right for peace", but Artsakh delibarately ignored....because this bureaucrat is executing her master's uncle shlomo orders, which are not to mention Artsakh, because that will imply Artsakh is a independent country. Instead of this pollution, listen to Artsakh's new president, HERO ( all enemy of Armenians media call him "leader of separatist region", they don't call him President of Artsakh) Arayik Harutyunyan declare what no other so called Armenian leader has dared to declare, the most obvious, never ever once, in a hundred years, that which was true then and now and always: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=udPJ2-j9yLo Look at the anger and sadness in his eyes. always remember his expression. this shall be your reference for your informed judgement

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