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Azerbaijani Military Shells Kashatagh's Karegah Community

The Artsakh State Emergency Service (ASES) reports that the Karegah community of Artsakh’s Kashatagh region was struck this afternoon with Azerbaijani missiles.

The missiles also targeted the Karegah-Berdzor roadway.

The ASES states that no civilian casualties have yet been reported.

The area has no military targets.

Azerbaijani forces are now shelling the town of Martakert. The ASES says the Azerbaijani military is also using air power to target the northern Artsakh town.

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of course, it's easy that way : these armenian homelands are invaded due to the blood-sacrifice of foreign mercenaries , not by the blood-price of the sons of Azerbaijan !! How honourless, how coward

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