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Artsakh Defense Army Repels Azerbaijani Subversive Units in Martuni Region

The Artsakh Defense Army today repulsed several Azerbaijani military subversive attacks in the direction of Shekher, Taghavard and Zardarashen villages in the Martuni region.

Artsakh Presidential Spokesman Vahram Poghosyan reports that the Azerbaijani forces, except for the above operations, confined themselves to shelling civilian residences and army positions in Artsakh.

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DIASPORA ARMY UNITS NOW!..Russia isn't a guarantee of anything..Other then straddling the fence and selling each side large military hardware. Its the very reason we are here today. The very fact that the question even has to be asked whether if Armenia gets invaded will Russia honor their security obligations, SPEAK VOLUMES..Soviet/Russian injustice that it cant seem to admit, is one of the main reasons we are here today. TRUST RUSSIA ZERO. TRUST THE USA/Zionists ZERO. Trust ourselves, our army ONLY. Clandestine nuclear weapons program is a must. Invest everything in military technology with the eventual eye on liberating 7 Eastern Armenian districts that "Turkey" still enjoys and squats on... One army nation: Armenia/Artsakh and diaspora. NOTHING LESS..WAKE UP!

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