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Hrant Gadarigian

Oct. 25 - New York City March in Solidarity with Artsakh

Hundreds marched on NYC’s George Washington Bridge yesterday in solidarity with Artsakh. The event was coined the "March for Truth". (Photos by Haidook Khachikian)

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It would be nice to see signs by the Armenian American demonstrators indicating that Israel was and is probably the main supplier of weapons, including cluster munitions, to Azerbaijan. The influence of the very pro-Azerbaijani Jewish lobby in the U.S. is very strong. Recall that the executive director of the American Jewish Committee, David Harris, received Pres. Ilham Aliyev's top award in 2012. Two years ago a large AJC delegation visited Azerbaijan: https://jewishjournal.com/commentary/blogs/231547/american-jewish-committee-delegation-azerbaijan-traveling-land-tolerance/ The leading Jewish American organizations are all pro-Azeri.

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