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Saro Baghdasaryan

Narek Aleksanyan

Video: Artsakh Residents Return Home

Artsakh residents who fled to Armenia during the recent war in Artsakh continue returning home.  Here, Artsakh residents arrive in Stepanakert today on buses provided by the Yerevan Municipality.

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I don't trust in Russian army. One knows how they abandonned the Armenian in front of the Turks, in the beginning of the soviet revolution. More again during the battle for Baku, about 1920, the turkish army intercepted the russian trains which tryed to reach Baku to tescue Armenians surrouded by the Tatars. The mercenaries are still in Karabakh. If Erdoga and Aliyev offer to settle there, where will they go to look for women if not among the Armenian neighborhood as they did with the Yazidis in Syria. The best they have to do is sell Armenia to China and enjoy the serene life in Australia or elsewhere... Avoiding the next Eatrhquake !

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