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Artsakh Official Says Country Will Have Defense Force

Artsakh Presidential Chief of Staff Artak Beglaryan told Hetq today that the Artsakh will certainly have some sort of defense force, regardless of what it is formally called.

Beglaryan said the local force will ensure the security of the Artsakh people in parallel with the Russian peacekeepers stationed in the country.

"Naturally, Azerbaijan would very much like to see no armed people in Artsakh. I think it would very much like to see no Russian peacekeepers. Azerbaijan's wishes   in this respect do not matter," said Beglaryan.

He admitted that the identification of war dead has taken longer than desired and that the main problem remains DNA identification of the bodies.

Hundreds of bodies have not been identified yet.

Beglaryan said that rumors are circulating in Artsakh that Azerbaijani troops have already buried some of the Armenians killed in the recent war.

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mihran robert mahmouzian
you want a army .ask the french government to lend you some legionaire they will teach you what a fghting army is .they saying is one for all and all for one

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