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Armenia Investigating 628 People for Military Corruption/Negligence

Armenia’s Prosecutor General’s Office (PGO), in a statement released today, says it is investigating 628 people suspected of committing various crimes against the Armenian and Artsakh military prior to and during last year’s Artsakh war.

The PGO says the violations include refusal to carry out military orders, corrupt military procurement practices, mismanagement of army personnel, negligence in command process, etc.

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I suggest that the armenian army should be formed ,trained and regularly controlled by a foreign neutral , capable army-manager ; somebody who is NOT as corrupt as armenians and who teaches them ethics , morality, sense of responsability for each other and the homeland, incorruptibility, disipline , in one word CHARACTER of real true man . Maybe than they will win the next war ..... : ((( PS: the lack of moral education from childhood on is obvious in AM PS:2 : they claim to be christians but there is nothing about but fake -- tragic

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